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The Breakfast Event

The Breakfast Event

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Build Forward: Unleashing Personal Impact

Who is it for:

Women who are entrepreneurs, thinking about going into business or reviewing their career journey

Does this sound like you:

  • Feeling you are in a rut, stuck where you are
  • A people pleaser, unable to say no
  • Lacking confidence, preventing you from moving forwards
  • Not sure where you are going or meant to be
  • Entertaining negative thoughts and self-talk
  • Listening to all the noise around you
  • Needing to explore your relationship with money

This is an elite masterclass where you will:

  • Hear from local and national experts in their field
  • Receive 1:1 coaching support and guidance
  • Leave will a personal 90-day action plan
  • Develop an accountability network of likeminded women

This masterclass will unlock three keys to ‘Build Forward: Unleashing Personal Impact’

Mindset Mastery – Cultivating a growth mindset for personal impact

    1. Develop a resilient and growth-oriented mindset to overcome challenges and setbacks.
    2. Harness the power of positive thinking and self-belief to unlock your full potential.
    3. Learn practical strategies for managing stress, fostering creativity, and maintaining focus to enhance personal impact.

Money Management  -  Building Financial Empowerment for Sustainable Impact

    1. Gain insights into effective financial planning, budgeting, and investment strategies.
    2. Understand the connection between mindset and financial wellness.
    3. Explore ways to leverage financial resources to create a positive impact in both personal and professional spheres.
Mission Alignment – Crafting and Executing a purposeful life
    1. Identify and articulate a personal mission that aligns with your values and passions.
    2. Learn how to set and achieve meaningful goals that contribute to your mission.
    3. Explore ways to integrate your personal mission into your professional and personal life, creating a more purposeful and impactful existence.

Be prepared to supercharge the second half of your year

What’s included:

  • Refreshments
  • Full English Breakfast
  • 90-Day Success Planner
  • Wealth of resources
  • Delegate Bag & notepad
  • Access to experts in their field

Supercharge the Second Half of Your Year at this elite masterclass, Build Forward: Unleashing Personal Impact.  

Book NOW, limited places available.  Book your space for this one-time offer.

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